Testimonial Category: Facilities Management & Estates

Mil-tek UK

To meet with buyers it is otherwise hard to arrange meetings with. Face to face meetings with target customers and their full attention A very well ran and professional couple of days. Great opportunities to meet and discuss potential projects and also to network with buyers and suppliers during the event. It is all about…

Waterman Environmental Group LTD

Seeking a different sales approach to gain access to key decision makers.¬†Gaining face to face time with key decision makers, and gaining that “warm lead” foot in the door. Not knowing how the event would be run, I was a little sceptical on the whole experience if totally honest. However, the whole two day experience…

Stoneheaven Technology

Ability to speak directly to key decision makers Our efforts to speak to key decision makers from selected buyers had got us nowhere. Hence, we saw details of this event and decided to take a gamble. The event was a welcome surprise. It was tremendously well organised and most importantly we actually got to meet…

Cleveland Biotech Ltd

I was very impressed with the event, allowing me to meet with a large number of well targeted potential customers over just a couple of days. Being able to meet with 17 companies in one location over just 2 days. If the buyers were willing, it would have taken months to arrange; so it saved…

Hacket Limited

I came in very open minded but it really surprised me. 20 minute meetings back to back really helped me to meet a large amount of suppliers and open the window of opportunity in what was really a small space of time and save the hours wasted on meetings that would not be suitable. A…

Five Guys

The main positive regarding this event is that I can hold 20+ meetings in the space of a day and a half instead of losing weeks and valuable time having individual meetings across the country


A very productive and beneficial way of meeting a range of suppliers in a structured and well organised format. As I am inundated with emails and requests for meetings on a daily basis, a direct approach from these suppliers via another route would probably have resulted in a polite ‘no thanks’. However, having met them…


An extremely useful event that provided very relevant meeting opportunities. The matches were so well put together, I was able to arrange follow up meetings with the Buyers on the day. None of our meetings cancelled. I don’t think I have ever been to an event where this is the case, there is usually one…

Evander Glazing

Fantastic event that we have attended two years running now. This event is time well spent away from the office and the team really make the experience worth while. I like the pace of the event and the broad spectrum of buyers. It allows us to get to the right person in an organisation without…

Office Depot

To make companies aware of our full portfolio as most people associate us with office supplies and are not aware that we can offer other categories and become a distributor for all goods not for resale so this event attracted us due to the large number of retailers in attendance. Very organised, meetings pre-set and…

Heightsafe Systems LTD

I believe this type of event is the future and makes exhibitions almost irrelevant. Direct meetings with buyers with immediate needs. To gain new business both immediate and long term This is the second Platform event I have attended and I’m even more impressed second time round. The Platform team ensure you get in front…


The event was excellent. It was a slick operation with everything running very smoothly. All attendees are there for a sole purpose…..to buy and sell and the event organisers couldn’t do enough to help over the two days. A very worthwhile event! A number of potential work opportunities were generated.


Network with other FM’s within the industry. I also wanted to see what alternative firms are out there and establish what they able to offer us that is different or better than the service we are currently receiving.


An introduction to suppliers not currently on our radar. Time managed meetings. A good mix of facility services. Relaxed atmosphere throughout.


Exposure to additional suppliers that can offer goods and services, outside of current supply chain. Great event, very well organised, with a large variety of excellent suppliers.

House of Fraser

Whilst I was reluctant to allocate time to attend this event the time was well spent. To reveiw current opportunities in the market without taking too much time out of my schedule


Being able to meet the various suppliers under controlled conditions. Meet various suppliers and seek opportunities for improved rates and efficiencies